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18 februar 2022 Mohammad Dadkhah


How soon can this operation be done, Doctor?” she asked.

The surgeon said softly, with the infallible respect in his voice that any robot would have for any human being:

– I didn’t quite understand, sir, who was undergoing this operation and in what way. “The surgeon’s face would have expressed respectful intransigence if a robot of this type, made of stainless steel and cast in a light bronze, could have expressed it, or anything else.

Andrew Martin was looking at the robot’s right arm, its operating hand, which lay motionless on the table. Its long fingers had an intricate but graceful shape, and could become one with a scalpel or other instrument with surprising ease.

He would act without hesitation or error, without hesitation or error. The result of specialisation, so persistently achieved by humans, robots, with few exceptions, had no independent thinking brain at all.


amazing test articles with homepage sticky posts

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