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01 august 2022 Mohammad Dadkhah



Today, on Trade Workers’ Day, I want to tell you about the state of affairs in Zaporizhzhia’s trade industry.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, almost sixty to seventy percent of trade facilities (except chain stores, which were open all the time) have been forced to suspend their activities.

Today, the situation has already improved. About ninety percent of trade facilities resumed their work. Currently, almost all pharmacies and grocery stores are open in the city. In addition, there are a sufficient number of markets and fairs. The only thing is that the opening hours of chain stores are not the same as before the full-scale war. Now, due to the curfew, the latest time they are open is ten in the evening.

Currently, there are no problems with the staffing of the trade industry. So, starting from the twenty-fourth of February, part of the workers in this field left the city. But by this time the heads of enterprises and most of the employees had already returned to Zaporizhzhia. At the same time, we still have vacancies for sellers and cashiers. So if any of you are looking for work, you can join the great sales team in our city.

Now regarding the pricing policy. Currently, trade allowances for socially significant food products in our city are set at the level determined by legislation. We constantly monitor the prices of products in this category. But, of course, our entrepreneurs cannot influence the purchase price of products. There is a full-scale war in the country, and therefore disrupted logistics and the impossibility of supplying goods from the south of Ukraine affect the prices of vegetables and fruits, which were previously delivered to stores from the southern regions. The story is the same with non-food products. Due to the fact that part of the enterprises are destroyed, and another part is located in the occupied territories, entrepreneurs are forced to find new suppliers (including abroad) and, accordingly, purchase products at new prices. seo

I also want to say that many Zaporizhia entrepreneurs help our soldiers and those people who have the status of internally displaced persons. Thus, part of public catering establishments now prepare food for the Armed Forces and displaced persons, some owners of technical service stations work with military vehicles for free, and some owners of auto parts stores sell their goods to the military at cost price. As for chain stores, they actively cooperate with volunteers and charitable foundations, provide food kits to internally displaced persons, as well as employ people from the occupied territories and help them solve housing issues.

Thank you to all the employees of the trade industry of the city for their contribution to the economy of Zaporozhye and for the approach of our Victory.

Together we will win!

Good night everyone.

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